All about the club.
      Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club was founded in 1936 and is affiliated to the Angling Trust and Marine Regional Group Wessex.  Lymington lies in the picturesque coastal area between the New Forest and the shores of the Solent, opposite Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight.
The clubhouse, completed in 1993,is located off Bath Road car park, Lymington. It provides a congenial place to socialise with fellow anglers and offers the opportunity for members to improve their knowledge and skill at the regular tackle talks and demonstrations held there.

The aims of Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club are to promote shore fishing and boat fishing for all anglers, in a safe and friendly environment and to encourage conservation of fish stocks. New members, in particular juniors, are always welcome. A membership application form is available to download from the web site. The club is also on facebook. A monthly newsletter is sent out to all members.

Numerous competitions are held throughout the year at various beaches along the Hampshire and Dorset coast. As well as the monthly competitions, there are also several leagues: for example, The Shingle Bank League and the Win-Sum League. There are also three open shore competitions during the year.

Boat fishing is divided into two sections: large boats {or charter boat} fishing and shallow boats {privately-owned craft}. The large boat section has something for everyone and for all levels of skill and competitiveness.
  • Monthly large boat competitions out of Lymington: semi-competitive, fished to minimum size limits.  from April - December.
  • Match Boat League competitions out of Lymington, Poole and Weymouth: highly competitive and based on species, with no size limits.  Fished from April - September.
  • Recreational boat trips out of Lymington, Poole and Weymouth, on weekdays and weekends.  Friendly atmosphere, no pressure.  Fished January - December.
  • The Shallow {or small} boat section is fished from privately owned boats, which stay within a designated area, with competitions running throughout the year.
  • In addition, a boat competition open to both charter and privately owned boats is held in the autumn.  
Officers of the Club 21/2022.
Club President:  Mr Derek Smith, Esq.
Club Vice-Presidents: Miss S. Moody, Mr R. Davies, Mr C. Clark, Mr R. Lane, Mr R. Saunders,
Honorary Life Members: Mr R. Bayzand, Mr V. Everitt, Mrs G. Moody. Miss S. Moody. Mr A.D.Smith,
Officers of the Club. 
 Chairman:  Mr Alec S. Harmer. 01590-674045.  Vice-Chairman: Mr Roland Blomfield. 01590-683363.  
Hon. Secretary:  Mrs Alison Day. 02380-741888.
Membership Secretary: Brian Ansell. 01590-672628. Hon. Treasurer: Mr Alec Harmer. 01590-674045.
 Hon. Auditors: Mr Colin Saunders & Mr Derek Smith. Docket Steward. Mr Robert Flicos. 01590-676785.
Shallow Boat Commodore. Mr Brian Ansell-01590-672628.
Large Boat Commodore. Mr Alec Harmer. 01590-674045. Vice Boat Commodore. Mr Robin Lane. 07876 471901.
Boat Compound Commodore: Adrian Moody. 02380-668131. Clerk of Scales. Mr Steve Monkton. 07925 549313.
Shingle Bank Secretary. Mr Andy & Ollie Hopkins. 01590-678597. & Mr Terry Kempton. 01590-675088.
Shore Secretary. Mr Roland Blomfield. 01590-683363.  Win-Sum League Secretary. Mr Colin Saunders. 01425-629923.  
Hon. Cup Custodian. Mrs Jackie Saunders. 01425-629923. Publicity Officer. Mr Brian Ansell. 01590-672628.
Newsletter Editor. Mr Brian Ansell. 01590-672628. Bar Steward and Hall Booking Officer. Terry Kempton. 01590-675088.
Committee Members:
Mr Ben Daniel. 07824 641965. Mr Chris Ellis. 07790 231350. Mr Alan Martin. 02381-943452. Mr Jamie Munden. 07938 484196.
Mr Malcolm Stote. 07894 902254. Mr Richard Day. 02380-741888. Mr Luke Woodford. 07802521493.
Mr Pete Drodge.  01590-676946.  Mr Colin Saunders. 01425-629923.

Large Boat Competitions.
Marc Duncan has booked Devocean for 24th April and there is 3 spaces available.
A Special Tackle Evening.
On Friday 22nd April starting at 7-30 p.m. at the clubhouse. With the forthcoming Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series beginning on Saturday 30th April, and with the intake of new members of all abilities joining the league Robin has arranged with Steve Batchelor who is a top boat angler to come and demonstrate bait preparation and setting up your gear for a match.
The evening is open to all members as these techniques are very useful to everyone. The bar will be open and a club draw will be held.

Hurst Spit to Lymington.

Flounder Open Monday 3rd January 2022.
Flounder Open 3rd January 2022.
On Bank Holiday Monday 3rd January the club held its shore Flounder Open competition. The weather for the day was dry with a strong south-west wind blowing at the start of the competition, but happily it eased as the competition progressed.
44 anglers signed on which was a very good turn-out in these difficult times. All had high hopes of catching the exclusive flounder which sadly over the last few years has declined.
Fishing was very slow throughout the day with only 9 sizeable fish caught. 3 flounders, 5 bass and 1 rockling. As it is a flounder competition when weighing in flounder take precedence over all other fish.
Flounder Results:
1st Rory Lancaster 1 flounder weighing 2lb 6.6oz and wins £200.00.
2nd Terry Kempton 1 flounder weighing 11oz and wins £145.00.
3rd Tony Mapes 1 flounder weighing 9.6oz and wins £100.00.
Optional pool for the heaviest flounder goes to Rory Lancaster with his flounder of 2lb 6.6oz and wins him £50.00.
Heaviest other fish Results.
1st Toby White with a bass of 3lb 4oz, 53cm and wins £60.00.
2nd Malcolm Stote with a bass of 2lb 6oz, 47cm and wins £40.00.
3rd Patrick Dalton with a bass weighing 1lb 14oz, 43cm and wins £20.00.
4th Alan mapes with a bass weighing 1lb 12oz and wins £15.00.

Cash draw winners are Ben Daniel £50.00 and Tony Mapes £30.00.

Christchurch Angling Centre is owned by Tom Bagnall who sponsors some of the boat and shore competitions.  Tom participates in many club activities, is also a very good angler and on some occasions makes a very good cup of tea. 

Angling Trust is where you can get the latest news on all aspects of angling and the latest news about covid-19 regarding angling.

Sea Angling News is a free local angling paper to which I send all the club reports. You can go on-line to read all the news etc and club reports from all around the coast.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners a good site for local tides and weather reports.



Fish of the Month for February 2022.
Shore.  Adult.

Ollie Hopkins with a dogfish weighing in at 1lb 14-1/2oz.
Shore Club Record Broken.
Luke Woodford has broken the shore club record with a small eyed ray weighing in at 11lbs 9oz.
Luke has also broken the shore catch and release record with his small eyed ray of 11lbs 9oz.

Fish of the Month for January 2022.
Shore.  Adult.

David Flicos with a sole weighing in at 1lb 8oz.
Boats.  Adult.
Robert Flicos with a whiting weighing in at 2lb 11-1/2oz.

Fish of the Month for December 2021.
Shore.  Adult.
Ben Daniel with a dogfish weighing in at 2lb 3-5/8oz.
William Waterhouse with a sole weighing in at 12oz.
Boats.  Adult.
Robert Flicos with a dogfish weighing in at 1Ib 14oz.
Shore Competitions 2021/22.
Shore Competitions are organised by Roland Blomfield.  For more information please phone Roland on 01590-683363.
Shore competitions - These are fished Friday evenings and weekends. Shore competitions are free to enter except for the optional pools - optional pools are £1.00 each for the best round fish, best flat fish and this is given out on the night and there is an optional pool for the best specimen of 80%, this will roll over until won. The club supports the shore section with an annual top up of prize money. A weigh and return scheme is adopted on all shore competitions and we have club certificated scales on the beach and we run a measure and return league to encourage our anglers to replenish fish stocks for sustainability.
5th Saturday 23rd April Rover. 6th Friday 13th May White House & Paddy Gap.
7th Friday 10th June Barton. 8th Saturday 23rd July Solent Rd, Southbourne. 9th Saturday 6th August  Rover.
10th Saturday 24th September Warren Edge. 11th Friday 21st October Shingle Bank & White House. 12th Saturday 19th November Poole, Sandbanks. 1st Sunday 11th December Christmas Rover.

Shingle Bank League competitions are organised by Andy & Ollie Hopkins 01590-675088 and Terry Kempton 01590-675088.
Shingle Bank competitions - fished one match per month, mid-week. No league joining fee only competition fee paid on the night. The boundaries are from Hurst Castle and Backwaters to Camden Hurst car park at Hordle Cliff, ending at the steps nearest to the cafe, all fish caught are weighed in on this competition. Winner is the angler with the total weight for the year from all competitions fished. It is not necessary to fish every competition to win.
5th Monday 11th April.  6th Tuesday 24th May.  7th Thursday 23rd June.  8th Tuesday 5th July.9th Monday 22nd August.  10th Tuesday 20th September.  
11th Thursday 14th October.  12th 3rd November.  1st Thursday 1st December.

Win-Sum League competitions are organised by Colin Saunders on mobile 0780 2511 522.
Win-Sum League - this is a bait supplied, pegged beach league consisting of 8 competitions, with an entry fee of £48.00 and a match fee of £10.00 which includs optional pools for longest round and longest flat fish of the night. All competitions are held on a Wednesday evening.  
These competitions are on a measure and return basis.
2nd 27th  April,   3rd 11th May,  4th 29th June,  5th 13th July,  6th 10th August,  7th 7th September,  8th October. Bonus competition. TBA.
5th Club Shore Competition.
On Saturday afternoon/evening 23rd April the club held its 5th Shore competition which was a rover. The weather was dry with a north-easterly wind. 9 club members signed on and all 9 weighed in fish consisting of black bream, pouting, dogfish, conger eel, smoothhound and plaice. 21 fish in total were weighed for a weight of 24lbs 14.4oz.
Best round fish was a dogfish of 2lb 5-3/8oz caught by Malcolm Stote. Best flat fish was a plaice of 14-4oz caught by Terry Kempton. Best specimen fish was the dogfish of 2lb 5-3/8oz caught by Malcolm Stote. No pools are rolled over as they were all won on the night.
1st Malcolm Stote 8lb 6.5oz for 75 pts, 2nd Luke Woodford 5lb 3oz for 80pts, 3rd John Tharme 2lb 6oz for 45pts and Dan White 2lb 6oz for 50pts,
5th Paul Dibden 1lb 10oz for 55pts, 6th Bruce Samber 1lb 7.5oz for 50pts, 7th Andy Richmond 1lb 5oz for 45pts, 8th Roland Blomfield 1lb 4oz for 30pts, 9th Terry Kempton 14.4oz for 25pts.

4th Club Shore Competition.
On Friday evening 25th March the club held its 4th shore competition at Friars Cliff, Mudeford. The evening was warm with a north east wind and 15 club members signed on. 7 weighed in 12 fish for a total weight of 7 lb 9-5 oz. Fish caught consisted of whiting, pouting, dogfish and rockling. Best round fish of the evening was a dogfish weighing 1 lb 7-4 oz caught by Bruce Samber. All fish are weighed and returned to the sea straight away. Under sized fish are also counted and points awarded.
1st Shane Samber 2 fish 2 lb 8 oz for 75 points, 2nd Bruce Samber 2 fish 1 lb 14-1/2 oz for 80 points, 3rd Andy Hopkins 1 fish 1 lb 5-3/8 oz for 55 points,
4th John Tharme 3 fish 13-8 oz for 50 points, 5th Roland Blomfield 2 fish 11-6 oz for 35 points, 6th Malcolm Stote 1 fish 2-1/8 oz for 40 points,
7th Chris Ellis 1 fish 2 oz for 35 points.
Best specimen pool of £42.00. and best flat fish pool of £29.00. are both rollovers till the next competition.

3rd Shore Competition Saturday 12th February 2022.
On Saturday the club held its 3rd shore competition. This was a changed venue because of the strong westerly wind and the rain, so it became a rover competition. 14 club members signed and 5 weighed in 30 fish consisting of whiting, pouting, dogfish and bass for a total weight of 18lbs 12.2ozs. Best round fish of the night was a bass 48cm, 2lb 8ozs caught by Malcolm Stote.
1st Malcolm Stote 8 fish 8lb 1-1/8ozs for 75 points, 2nd Paul Dibden 3 fish 3lb 13-1/8ozs for 50 points,
3rd Bruce Samber 11 fish 3lb 3.6ozs for 55 points, 4th Shane Samber 7 fish 2lb 12.3ozs for 50 points, 5th Paul Watson 1 fish 1lb 14ozs for 35 points.

2nd Shore competition Saturday 15th January 2022.
On Saturday evening the club held its 2nd shore competition at Sandbanks, Poole, with light winds coming from the west and rain at the end of the competition. 13 club members signed on and 5 weighed in 7 fish consisting of flounders, whiting and pouting for a total weight of 4lb 11.1/2oz. Best round fish of the evening was a whiting of 5.6oz caught by Luke Woodford. Luke also had the best flat fish a flounder of 1lb 1/4oz.
1st Luke Woodford 3 fish 1lb 11.1/4oz for 65pts, 2nd Pete Chamberlain 1 fish 15.1/8oz for 50pts, 3rd Andy Hopkins 1 fish 14.7/8oz for 55pts,
4th Ollie Hopkins 1 fish 14.1/4oz for 50pts, 5th Paul Dibden 1 fish 4oz for 60pts.

5th Shingle Bank League Competition.
On Tuesday evening 12th April the club held its 5th competition in dry conditions with a 10mph southerly wind. 17 club members signed on and 16 caught fish consisting of dogfish, black bream, pouting and thornback ray. Best fish of the evening was a thornback ray weighing 6lb 8-3/4oz caught by Pete Chamberlain. Malcolm Stote had the largest dogfish weighing 2lb 1/8oz.
1st Malcolm Stote 8 fish 8lb 2-7/8oz, 2nd Roland Blomfield 10 fish 7lb 1.2oz, 3rd Pete Chamberlain 1 fish 6lb 8-3/4oz,
4th Luke Woodford 9 fish 6lb 0.8oz, 5th Chris Ellis 4 fish 4lb 6-1/4oz, 6th Paul Dibden 3 fish 4lb 0.3oz, 7th Terry Kempton 4 fish 4lb,
8th Andy Hopkins 3 fish 3lb 7.7/8oz, 9th Danny Panks 5 fish 3lb 1oz, 10th Ben Daniel 2 fish 2lb 10.3/4oz.
Competition Pay-outs.
1st Malcolm Stote £23.00. 2nd Roland Blomfield £14.00. 3rd Pete Chamberlain £9.00. 4th Luke Woodford £5.00.
Optional Pools.
Pete Chamberlain with his thornback ray of 6lb 8.3/4oz £17.00.  Malcolm Stote with his dogfish of 2lb 1/8oz £17.00.

4th Shingle bank League Competition 14th March 2022.
On Monday evening the club held its 4th competition in which 19 club members signed on. The weather for the evening was dry with light winds. 101 fish were caught, recorded and gently released back into the sea. Fish caught consisted of dogfish, pouting, smooth hounds, undulate and small eyed rays, conger eels and rockling. The best fish of the night was an undulate ray weighing 12 lbs 7 oz caught by Paul Dibden.
1st Paul Dibden 7 fish 18 lbs 1 oz, 2nd Ollie Hopkins 10 fish 13 lbs 5-6/7 oz, 3rd Luke Woodford 10 fish 11 lbs 14-3/8 oz,
4th Tom Bagnall 15 fish 10 lbs 8 oz, 5th Rory Lancaster 9 fish 9 lb 4-4 oz, 6th Paul Watson 6 fish 6 lb 11-3/4 oz, 7th Glenn Short 5 fish 5 lb 3-1/8 oz,
8th Roland Blomfield 6 fish 4 lb 9- 1/4 oz, 9th Ben Daniel 3 fish 3 lb 15- 1/8 oz, 10th Marc Duncan 4 fish 3 lb 14-1/8 oz.
Competition pay-outs.
1st Paul Dibden £25.00. 2nd Ollie Hopkins £16.00. 3rd Luke Woodford £10.00. 4th Tom Bagnall £6.00.
Optional Pools.
Paul Dibden with an undulate ray of 12 lbs 7 ozs £19.00. Luke Woodford with a small eyed ray of 5 lb 8-3/8 ozs £19.00.

3rd Shingle Bank League Competition 8th February 2022.
On Tuesday evening the club held its 3rd competition with a strong south-west wind. 18 club members signed on and 12 weighed in 32 fish consisting of dogfish and pouting. The best fish of the evening was a dogfish weighing 1lb 14-1/2oz caught by Ollie Hopkins.
1st Ollie Hopkins 5 fish 7lb 1-1/4oz, 2nd Andy Hopkins 5 fish 6lb 15-3/8oz, 3rd Malcolm Stote 5 fish 5lb 7-5/8oz, 4th Glenn Short 4 fish 5lb 7oz,
5th Luke Woodford 4 fish 4lb 6-7/8oz, 6th Ben Daniel 3 fish 2lb 8-1/4oz, 7th Chris Ellis 1 fish 1lb 8-3/8oz, 8th Paul Watson 2 fish 1lb 6oz,
9th Paul Dibden 1 fish 1lb 5oz, 10th Roland Blomfield 1 fish 1lb 4oz.
Payouts for Shingle Bank League 8th February 2022.
1st Ollie Hopkins £24-00. 2nd Andy Hopkins £15-00. 3rd Malcolm Stote £10-00. 4th Glenn Short £5-00.
Optional Pools.
Ollie Hopkins a dogfish of 1lb 14-1/2oz £18-00. Andy Hopkins a dogfish of 1lb 13-7/8oz £18-00.

2nd Adult Win-Sum League Competition 2022.
On Wednesday evening 27th April the club held its 2nd Adult Win-Sum League competition and it was held at Southbourne. 14 club members signed on and 3 blanked but the fishing was very slow indeed.
Zone 1.  1st pete Chamberlain 36pts, 2nd Bruce Samber 32pts, 3rd Paul Watson 30pts, 4th Shane Samber 28pts, 5th Marc Duncan 26pts,
Andy Richmond and Malcolm Stote both blanked.
Zone 2.  1st Glenn Short 50pts, 2ndAndy Hopkins 49pts, 3rd John Tharme 46pts, 4th Ollie Hopkins 29pts, 5th Luke Woodford 28pts,
6th Colin Saunders 20pts. Garry Mann blanked.
Pool Results:  Longest round fish was a bass of 27cm caught by Bruce Samber.  Longest flat fish was a plaice of 31cm caught by Pete Chamberlain.  Shortest fish was a plaice of 15cm caught by Colin Saunders.
Team Results:  1st team 5 Pete Chamberlain and Andy Hopkins with 75pts, 2nd team 6 Shane Samber and John Tharme with 64 pts,
3rd team 8 Glenn Short and Ben Daniel with 45pts, and team 3 Ollie Hopkins and Marc Duncan with 45pts,  5th team 1 Colin Saunders and Bruce Samber with 42pts, 6th team 4 Paul Watson and Garry Mann with 25pts, 7th Luke Woodford and Chris Ellis with 23pts.

1st Win-Sum League Competition 2022.
On Wednesday evening 2nd march the club held its 1st Win-Sum League competition (measure and return) in which 13 club members fished in fair weather conditions. Fish caught included pouting, smooth hounds, dogfish and small eyed and undulated rays. Notable catch of the evening was an undulate ray weighing 10lbs 10ozs caught by Ben Daniel. The longest round fish was an undulate ray of 90cm caught by7 Ben Daniel. Longest flat fish none were caught. Smallest fish was a whiting of 14cm caught by Ben Daniel.
Zone 1. 

1st Garry Mann 151 pts, 2nd Andy Hopkins 128 pts, 3rd Colin Saunders 100 pts (4 fish), 4th Paul Watson (2 fish), 5th Bruce Samber 80 pts,
6th Pete Chamberlain 67 pts, 7th Marc Duncan 45 pts.
Zone 2. 
1st Luke Woodford 426 pts, 2nd Chris Ellis 398 pts, 3rd Shane Samber 315 pts, 4th Ben Daniel 245 pts, 5th Johnny Tharme 223 pts,
6th Ollie Hopkins 219 pts.
Two Man Team Results:
1st Luke & Chris 784 pts, 2nd Shane & Johnny 513 pts, 3rd Ollie & Marc 254 pts, 4th Paul & Garry 236 pts, 5th Glenn & Ben 230 pts,
6th Pete & Andy 185 pts, 7th Colin & Bruce 165 pts, 8th Andy R & Malcolm did not fish.
Boat Competitions 2021/22.
Shallow Boat Competitions for 2021.  Organised by Brian Ansell for further information please contact Brian on 01590-672628.
All competitions are fished on Sundays.
5th, 24th April. 6th, 22nd May. 7th, 19th June. 8th, 24th July. 9th, 7th August. 10th, 4th September. 11th, 16th October.
20th November {Club Open Competition}. 12th, 27th November. 1st for 2023. 18th December.

Large Boat Competitions for 2021.  Organised by Marc Duncan for further information please contact Marc on 0781 0876 281.
1st. 24th April aboard Devocean,  2nd  31st July aboard Voyager  3rd  31st August aboard Devocean,  4th 18th September aboard Devocean,  5th 30th October aboard Voyager.

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series Competitions.  Organised by Robin Lane for further information please contact Robin on 07876 471901.
1st, 30th April.  2nd, 21st May.  3rd, 18th June.  4th, 16th July.  5th, 13th August.  6th, 10th September.  7th, 16th October.

Recreational Charter Boat Fishing Trips.  Organised by Robin Lane for further information please contact Robin on 07876 471901.
Recreational Week-End Trips fished on a Saturday or Sunday.
5th, 29th May.  6th, 25th June.  7th, 9th July. 8th, 31st July.  9th, 27th August.  10th, 3rd September.  11th, 8th October.  
12th, 20th November.  13th 17th December.

Recreational Mid-Week Trips fished on a Monday to Friday.
4th,  6th April.  5th, 20th April.  6th,  4th may.  7th, 1st June.   8th, 15th June. 9th, 14th July.  10th, 21st July.  11th, 18th August.  
12th, 15th September.  13th, 23rd September.   14th, 4th October.  15th  19th October. 16th 17th November.   17th 30th November.  
18th 2nd December. 19th 14th December.

Evening fishing trips in the Solent.
3 Fishing for cod on "Voyager" out from Lymington Haven meeting at 5.00 till 5.30 p.m. Please contact Robin Lane on 07876 471902.
So book your space early by phoning Robin Lane.

Evening fishing trips in Poole Harbour aboard Mistress Linda.
1st  Tuesday 26th July.  2nd Tuesday 9th August. 3rd Tuesday 23rd August.
Shallow Boat Competition.
On Sunday 8th May the club held a shallow Boat competition this was a blow-off date for the competition which was unable to be fished on the 24th April. Unfortunately, not all members could make the date but 2 boats managed to fish on a nice sunny day with a gentle wind. Fish caught included black bream, dogfish, pouting, plaice and wrasse. These competitions are now run on no fish being brought back. Instead points are awarded for different species. Then all the fish are gently returned to the sea straight away.
1st Denis Mapes 16 fish for 75 points, 2nd Barry littlefair 14 fish for 64 points,  3rd Adrian Moody 5 fish for 45 points,  4th Alan Martin 2 fish for 20 points.

2nd Shallow Boat competition.
On Sunday 23rd January the club held its 2nd Shallow Boat competition. The weather on the day was cloudy, dry with light winds but very cold. 6 club members signed on and 4 caught fish consisting of conger eel, dogfish, pouting and whiting. Sadly one boat broke down and had to be towed back to Lymington.
1st Denis Mapes 21 fish 85pts, 2nd Alan Martin 15 fish 71pts, 3rd Adrian Moody 13 fish 70pts, 4th Barry Littlefair 19 fish 69pts.

1st Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series.
On Saturday 30th April the club ran the 1st Vernon Everitt Match boat league competition for 2022. This is a very popular league within the club. 26 club members signed up to fish these competitions with support from Christchurch Angling Centre who kindly prepare and provide the frozen bait packs.
Three charter boats picked up 21 club members from The Haven Marina at Lymington, "Last Laugh" skippered by John Skeggs, "Devocean" skippered by Kevin Sampson and "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell. With bright sunshine and a light easterly wind all 3 boats left Lymington and went their own way, some heading for the rough ground off Christchurch Ledge and some heading for deep water marks looking for bigger fish. The name of the game is to catch as many species as possible for points (All fish are returned to the sea). And as the day goes on moving to as many marks in the allocated time.
Last Laugh.
1st Martin Bobbett 9 species 263 pts, 2nd Paul Hollyoake 9 species 257 pts, 3rd Roy Evans 8 species 197 pts, 4th Paul Grech 8 species 184 pts.
1st John Bellamy 10 species 267 pts, 2nd Richard Day 7 species 208 pts, 3rd Ben Daniel 6 species 172 pts, 4th Robin Lane 5 species 150 pts.
1st Cliff Newbold 12 species 351 pts, 2nd Ed Taylor 9 species 252 pts, 3rd Chris Rogers 8 species 231 pts, 4th Andy Southwick 6 species 170 pts.
Good Catches.
Richard Day with a black bream weighing 3lb 1oz and Ed Taylor with a plaice weighing 2lb 4oz.

6th Mid-week Recreational Fishing trip.
On Wednesday 4th May the club held a mid-week fishing trip aboard "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins out from Poole.
8 club members headed out of Poole Harbour with good weather conditions and a light wind headed for Southbourne Rough a good mark for black bream. With the anchor down black bream were soon being caught and one of the first to catch was new member Bob Weston with a nice black bream. A good number were caught before we moved off to try drifting for plaice with very little success just the odd one or two.

5th Mid-week Recreational Fishing Trip.
On Wednesday 20th April the club held its 5th mid-week fishing trip aboard charter boat "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell out of Lymington.
Our target fish was black bream known to come into our area at this time of the year.
So Kevin headed for a known mark Southbourne Rough in Poole Bay. With-in minutes of dropping anchor black bream were being caught with most of them to small for the table and these were gently returned to the sea. But a few sizeable fish were caught with marc Duncan catching one of the best sizes, one of 1lb 12oz.

3rd Recreational Mid-Week Fishing Trip.
On Thursday 24th March the club held its 3rd mid-week fishing trip aboard "Last Laugh" out from Lymington skippered by John Skeggs. With ideal weather conditions, bright sunshine and calm waters, with 9 club members aboard John headed for a mark on the "Shingles" where our target fish plaice were know to be.
It wasn't long before we started having bites and fish coming aboard. Marc Duncan with a small smooth hound which was quickly returned to the sea. This continued with us all returning dogfish, whiting and pouting. Neil Pullman was the first to bring in a plaice followed by Harry Gray and Rob Taylor who also had a small dab. A few more plaice were caught and a number of thornback rays with Rob Taylor catching the best of the day, one weighing 8lb 14oz.

Adult Application Form.

Junior Application Form.