Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club was founded in 1936 and is affiliated to the Angling Trust and Marine Regional Group Wessex.  Lymington lies in the picturesque coastal area between the New Forest and the shores of the Solent, opposite Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight.
The clubhouse, completed in 1993,is located off Bath Road car park, Lymington. It provides a congenial place to socialise with fellow anglers and offers the opportunity for members to improve their knowledge and skill at the regular tackle talks and demonstrations held there.

The aims of Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club are to promote shore fishing and boat fishing for all anglers, in a safe and friendly environment and to encourage conservation of fish stocks. New members, in particular juniors, are always welcome. A membership application form is available to download from the web site. The club is also on facebook. A monthly newsletter is sent out to all members.

Numerous competitions are held throughout the year at various beaches along the Hampshire and Dorset coast. As well as the monthly competitions, there are also several leagues: for example, The Shingle Bank League and the Win-Sum League. There are also three open shore competitions during the year.

Boat fishing is divided into two sections: large boats {or charter boat} fishing and shallow boats {privately-owned craft}. The large boat section has something for everyone and for all levels of skill and competitiveness.
  • Monthly large boat competitions out of Lymington: semi-competitive, fished to minimum size limits.  from April - December.
  • Match Boat League competitions out of Lymington, Poole and Weymouth: highly competitive and based on species, with no size limits.  Fished from April - September.
  • Recreational boat trips out of Lymington, Poole and Weymouth, on weekdays and weekends.  Friendly atmosphere, no pressure.  Fished January - December.
  • The Shallow {or small} boat section is fished from privately owned boats, which stay within a designated area, with competitions running throughout the year.
  • In addition, a boat competition open to both charter and privately owned boats is held in the autumn.  
Officers of the Club
Club President:  Mr Derek Smith, Esq.
Club Vice-Presidents: Miss S. Moody, Mr R. Davies, Mr C. Clark, Mr R. Lane, Mr R. Saunders,
Honorary Life Members: Mr R. Bayzand, Mr V. Everitt, Mrs G. Moody. Miss S. Moody. Mr A.D.Smith,
Officers of the Club. 
 Chairman:  Mr Alec S. Harmer. 01590-674045.  Vice-Chairman: Mr Roland Blomfield. 01590-683363.  
Hon. Secretary:  Mrs Alison Day. 02380-741888.
Membership Secretary: Brian Ansell. 01590-672628. Hon. Treasurer: Mr Alec Harmer. 01590-674045.
 Hon. Auditors: Mr Colin Saunders & Mr Derek Smith. Docket Steward. Mr Robert Flicos. 01590-676785.
Shallow Boat Commodore. Mr Brian Ansell-01590-672628.
Large Boat Commodore. Mr Alec Harmer. 01590-674045. Vice Boat Commodore. Mr Robin Lane. 07876 471901.
Boat Compound Commodore: Adrian Moody. 02380-668131. Clerk of Scales. Mr Steve Monkton. 07925 549313.
Shingle Bank Secretary. Mr Andy & Ollie Hopkins. 01590-678597. & Mr Terry Kempton. 01590-675088.
Shore Secretary. Mr Roland Blomfield. 01590-683363.  Win-Sum League Secretary. Mr Colin Saunders. 01425-629923.  
Hon. Cup Custodian. Mrs Jackie Saunders. 01425-629923. Publicity Officer. Mr Brian Ansell. 01590-672628.
Newsletter Editor. Mr Brian Ansell. 01590-672628. Bar Steward and Hall Booking Officer. Terry Kempton
Committee Members:
Mr Ben Daniel. 07824 641965. Mr Chris Ellis. 07790 231350. Mr Alan Martin. 02381-943452. Mr Jamie Munden. 07938 484196.
Mr Malcolm Stote. 07894 902254.   Mr Richard Day. 02380-741888. Mr Luke Woodford. 07802521493.
Mr Pete Drodge.  01590-676946.  Mr Colin Saunders. 01425-629923.

Flounder Open Monday 3rd January 2022.
Flounder Open 3rd January 2022.
On Bank Holiday Monday 3rd January the club held its shore Flounder Open competition. The weather for the day was dry with a strong south-west wind blowing at the start of the competition, but happily it eased as the competition progressed.
44 anglers signed on which was a very good turn-out in these difficult times. All had high hopes of catching the exclusive flounder which sadly over the last few years has declined.
Fishing was very slow throughout the day with only 9 sizeable fish caught. 3 flounders, 5 bass and 1 rockling. As it is a flounder competition when weighing in flounder take precedence over all other fish.
Flounder Results:
1st Rory Lancaster 1 flounder weighing 2lb 6.6oz and wins £200.00.
2nd Terry Kempton 1 flounder weighing 11oz and wins £145.00.
3rd Tony Mapes 1 flounder weighing 9.6oz and wins £100.00.
Optional pool for the heaviest flounder goes to Rory Lancaster with his flounder of 2lb 6.6oz and wins him £50.00.
Heaviest other fish Results.
1st Toby White with a bass of 3lb 4oz, 53cm and wins £60.00.
2nd Malcolm Stote with a bass of 2lb 6oz, 47cm and wins £40.00.
3rd Patrick Dalton with a bass weighing 1lb 14oz, 43cm and wins £20.00.
4th Alan mapes with a bass weighing 1lb 12oz and wins £15.00.

Cash draw winners are Ben Daniel £50.00 and Tony Mapes £30.00.

Dear Fellow Angler,
This mail is for Sea Angling specific; clubs, match groups, trade partners, skippers and Angling associations, and other Angling Trust linked groups with an interest in Sea Angling.
I'm currently updating our contacts list for AT members with an interest in Sea Fishing and specifically competitions. If you're the most appropriate person to receive Marine Competitions news please confirm this email has reached you safely.
I'm aware many clubs, trade partners and associations have specialist officers, members, or staff who organise, run or fish competitions and matches. If this is the case, please forward this mail onto the appropriate person.
Alternately, with their permission, share their email and phone number with me?
Many I wish you a Happy New Year and wonderful season ahead.
Tight Lines,
Daniel Williams
Competitions Development Manager (Game & Sea)
Mob: 07854 240 368

Club's Tackle evenings 2022.
I asked Robin Lane who organises the club's very good tackle evenings if I could have a list for next year 2022. After a discussion with the Club Chairman Alec, it was decided to hold back for a couple of months to see what happens with the latest covid-19 restrictions, which I think is a very sensible move on Robin's part.

Christchurch Angling Centre is owned by Tom Bagnall who sponsors some of the boat and shore competitions.  Tom participates in many club activities, is also a very good angler and on some occasions makes a very good cup of tea.     www.christchurchanglingcentre.co.uk 

Angling Trust is where you can get the latest news on all aspects of angling and the latest news about covid-19 regarding angling. www.anglingtrust.net

Sea Angling News is a free local angling paper to which I send all the club reports. You can go on-line to read all the news etc and club reports from all around the coast.  www.seaanglingnews.com

Lymington Harbour Commissioners a good site for local tides and weather reports.    www.lymingtonharbour.co.uk



Fish of the Month
Shore:  Adult:  D. J. Flicos with a corkwing wrasse weighing 9 1/2oz.  Boat: Adult: Harry Gray with a brill weighing 7lb 5 7/8oz.  
Junior:  William Waterhouse with a bass weighing 3lb3oz.
Shore club record broken by D. J. Flicos with his corkwing wrasse weighing 9 1/2oz. Shore catch and release record D.J. Flicos corkwing wrasse 9 1/2oz.
Boat club record broken by Harry Gray with his brill weighing 7lb 5 7/8oz.
Shore:  Adult:  Malcolm Stote with a bass weighing 5lb 15oz.  Boat: Adult: Malcolm LeMoignan with a gilthead bream weighing 3lb 4oz.
Club record broken by Malcolm LeMoignan with his gilthead bream of 3lb 4oz.
Shore: Adult:  Roland Blomfield with a sole weighing 1lb 6oz.  Boat: Adult:  Mark Boldick with a bass weighing 9lb 12oz.  
Junior:  Tom Harker with a bass weighing 3lb 3 3/4oz.
Shore: Adult:  Paul Watson with a spotted ray weighing in at 4lb 2oz.  Boat:  Adult:  Ben Daniel with an undulate ray weighing in at 15lbs 8oz.
Shore Competitions
Shore Competitions are organised by Roland Blomfield.  For more information please phone Roland on 01590-683363.
Shore competitions - These are fished Friday evenings and weekends. Shore competitions are free to enter except for the optional pools - optional pools are £1.00 each for the best round fish, best flat fish and this is given out on the night and there is an optional pool for the best specimen of 80%, this will roll over until won. The club supports the shore section with an annual top up of prize money. A weigh and return scheme is adopted on all shore competitions and we have club certificated scales on the beach and we run a measure and return league to encourage our anglers to replenish fish stocks for sustainability.
1st Sunday 13th December, 2nd Saturday 16th January, 3rd Saturday 13th February, 4th Saturday 27th March, 5th Saturday 24th April,
6th Saturday 22nd May, 7th Saturday 5th June, 8th Saturday 24th July, 9th Saturday 21st August, 10th Saturday 18th September,
11th Saturday 16th October, 12th Saturday 20th November, 1st for 2022 Sunday 19th December.

Shingle Bank League competitions are organised by Andy & Ollie Hopkins 01590-675088 and Terry Kempton 01590-675088.
Shingle Bank competitions - fished one match per month, mid-week. No league joining fee only competition fee paid on the night. The boundaries are from Hurst Castle and Backwaters to Camden Hurst car park at Hordle Cliff, ending at the steps nearest to the cafe, all fish caught are weighed in on this competition. Winner is the angler with the total weight for the year from all competitions fished. It is not necessary to fish every competition to win.
1st 8th December, 2nd 25th January, 3rd 22nd February, 4th 24th March, 5th 6th April, 6th 5th May, 7th 3rd June, 8th 19th July, 9th 3rd August,
10th 16th September, 11th14th October, 12th 30th November, 1st for 2022 14th December.

Win-Sum League competitions are organised by Colin Saunders on mobile 0780 2511 522.
Win-Sum League - this is a bait supplied, pegged beach league consisting of 8 competitions, with an entry fee of £48.00 and a match fee of £10.00 which includs optional pools for longest round and longest flat fish of the night. All competitions are held on a Wednesday evening.  These competitions are on a measure and return basis.
1st 10th March, 2nd 21st April, 3rd 12th May, 4th 23th June, 5th 7th July, 6th 18th August, 7th 22nd September, 8th October.
Christmas Fayre Rover Sunday 19th December.
On Sunday 19th December the club held its 1st Shore competition for the 2021/22 club year. This was as usual a Christmas Fayre rover competition. 19 club members signed on and 8 weighed in fish consisting of flounders, whiting, pouting and dogfish. 31 fish were caught for a total weight of 17lbs 6.65oz. The weather was dull but dry with a light wind from the east.
Best flat fish caught on the day was a flounder of 13 3/4oz caught by Denise Donaldson. Best round and specimen fish on the day was a dogfish of 2lb 2 7/8oz caught by Andy Hopkins.
1st Andy Hopkins 3 fish 5lb 4 1/4oz, 2nd Malcolm Stote 11 fish 4lb 2 3/4oz, 3rd Roland Blomfield 4 fish 2lb 14.8oz, 4th Ben Daniel 4 fish 1lb 8oz,
5th Chris Ellis 4 fish 15 3/4oz, 6th Glenn Short 2 fish 15 1/8oz, 7th Denise Donaldson 1 fish 13 3/4oz, 8th William Waterhouse (Jnr) 2 fish 6.6oz.

Final Placings for Club Shore Competitions 2021.
1st Roland Blomfield 410pts, 2nd Terry Kempton 285pts, 3rd Andy Richmond 145pts, 4th Glenn Short 140pts, 5th Chris Ellis 125pts,
6th Andy Hopkins 120pts, 7th Luke Woodford 110pts.
Top Lady: Denise Donaldson. Top Junior: It was equal between William Waterhouse and Finlay Munden.

12th Shore Competition 20th November 2021
On Saturday evening the 20th November the club held its final shore competition for the club year. The venue was Sandbanks, Poole and the weather was light winds with light rain showers. 11 club members signed in and 7 weighed in fish consisting of flounders, sole and paice. The number of fish caught was 8 for a total weight of 7lb 1.5oz.
The best flat fish went to Andy Hopkins with a flounder weighing 1lb 5 3/4oz who also wins the Presidents Cup. Top junior was Finlay Munden with a flounder of 10 1/8oz who also wins the Wayman & Shepherd Cup.
Results: 1st Andy Hopkins 1 fish 1lb 5 3/4oz, 2nd Terry Kempton 1 fish 1lb 3oz, 3rd Roland Blomfield 2 fish 1lb 0.2oz, 4th Ollie Hopkins 1 fish 15 5/8oz,
5th Finlay Munden (Jnr) 1 fish 10 1/8oz, 6th Ben Daniel 1 fish 9.5oz, 7th Glenn Short 8 1/4oz.
The best specimen pool of £64-00 and the best round fish pool of £11-00 are both rollovers till the next competition.

12th Shingle Bank League Competition 2nd December 2021.​​​​
On Thursday evening the club held its last Shingle Bank League competition of the club year. This date was changed from Tuesday evening due to the high winds and rain that was forecast as well as the safety aspect. 16 club members signed in and 13 weighed in fish consisting of small eyed ray, pouting, dogfish, sole, rockling and conger eel. 51 fish in total were caught and weighed for a total weight of 57lbs 7 1/2oz. All fish once weighed were gently replaced back into the sea.
The best fish of the evening was a small eyed ray weighing 5lb 2 1/8oz caught by Glenn Short. Top junior was William Waterhouse. This competition was fished after the club year because until then results were so close at the top that to win on a cancelled competition was thought to be not a good end to well fought competitions through out the year with only pounds and some times ounces between top places.
1st Malcolm Stote 11 fish 15lbs 10.4oz, 2nd Ben Daniel 8 fish 11lbs 6 1/8oz, 3rd Glenn Short 2 fish 6lb 10 1/4oz, 4th Paul Watson 4 fish 5lb 5 3/8oz,
5th Steve Pitman 3 fish 4lb 8 5/8oz, 6th Andy Richmond 2 fish 3lb 4 5/8oz, 7th Danny Panks 4 fish 2lb 15oz, 8th Chris Ellis 2 fish 2lb 10 1/4oz,
9th Ollie Hopkins 1 fish 1lb 14 1/4oz, 10th Andy Hopkins 1 fish 1lb 9 7/8oz.
Ben Daniel wins the Shingle Bank League with a yearly total of 52lbs 3 5/8oz and Malcolm Stote is 2nd with 51lbs 2oz. Ben won by 1lb 1 5/8oz.

11th Shingle Bank League Competition 14th October 2021.
On Thursday evening 14th October in good weather conditions the club held its 11th Shingle Bank League competition in which 14 club members signed in and 6 weighed in fish consisting of red mullet, dogfish, black bream, silver eel and pollack. 12 fish in total were caught, weighed and released back into the sea for a total weight of 10lb 6 1/2oz. Best fish of the evening was a dogfish of 1lb 7oz caught by Danny Panks.
Results:  1st Danny Panks 3lb 4oz, 2nd Luke Woodford 2lb 11oz, 3rd Chris Ellis 1lb 14.4oz, 4th Ben Daniel 1lb 11 1/4oz,
5th Andy Hopkins 15 1/8oz, 6th Malcolm Stote 2.6oz.

10th Shingle Bank League Competition 16th September 2021.
On Thursday evening the club held its 10th Shingle Bank league competition in very good weather. Fifteen club members signed on for a good evening 's fishing. Fish caught consisted of bass, black bream, blonde and smalleyed rays, conger eels, dogfish, smoothhound and gurnard. A total of nineteen fish were caught, weighed and released back into the sea for a total weight of 47lbs 12 7/8oz. The best fish of the evening was a blonde ray weighing 11lbs 4 1/4oz caught by Ben Daniel.
Rersults:  1st Ben Daniel 4 fish 19lbs 5 5/8oz, 2nd Andy Hopkins 3 fish 7lb 9 3/8oz, 3rd Luke Woodford 1 fish 6lb 3 3/8oz, 4th Malcolm Stote 5 fish 6lb 2 1/8oz, 5th Danny Panks 2 fish 2lb 10oz, 6th Ollie Hopkins 2 fish 2lb 9 7/8oz, 7th Steve Pitman 1 fish 2lb 6 1/4oz, 8th Andy Richmond 1 fish 14 1/8oz.

3rd Adult Win-Sum League Competition 8th July 2021.
On Thursday evening 8th July eleven club members fished their 3rd Adult Win-Sum League competition the Lymington Sea Wall. The weather for the evening was dry and fine with species caught included bass, eels and gilthead bream The longest round fish went to Paul Watson with a bass of 52cm. The smallest fish of the evening went to Glenn short with a bass of 11cm. No flat fish were caught.
1st Chris Ellis 22 fish 527pts, 2nd Ben Daniel 21 fish 453pts, 3rd Paul Watson 13 fish 339pts, 4th Billy King 14 fish 318pts,
5th Malcolm Stote 14 fish 307pts, 6th Glenn Short 12 fish 270pts, 7th Andy Richmond 9 fish 207pts, 8th Pete Chamberlain 9 fish 181pts,
9th Colin Saunders 6 fish 153pts and 10th Charlie Nash 4 fish 108pts.
2nd Adult Win-Sum League Competition 23rd June 2021.
On Wednesday evening 23rd June eight club members held the 2nd Adult Win-Sum League competition at Highcliffe. In breezy conditions species caught included whiting, smooth hound, sole, dogfish, black bream, mackerel, bass, pouting and flounder. The longest round fish went to Paul Watson with a dogfish of 58cm. The longest flat fish was won by Ben Daniel with a sole of 18cm. The smallest fish of the evening went to Pete Chamberlain with a whiting of 9cm.
1st Ben Daniel 4 fish 147pts, 2nd Glenn Short 3 fish 119pts, 3rd Pete Chamberlain 3 fish 82pts, 4th Billy King 2 fish 77pts, 5th Chris Ellis 2 fish 75pts, 6th Paul Watson 1 fish 63pts, 7th Colin Saunders and Malcolm Stote 2 fish 49pts.
1st Adult Win-Sum League Competition 12th May 2021.
On Wednesday evening the 12th May the club held its 1st Adult Win-Sum League competition, the venue being Southbourne. The weather was dry and breezy and eleven club members signed on. Ten found the fish which consisted of plaice, brill, bass, sole, smooth hound and dogfish. All fish are measured straight away and gently returned to the sea.
The largest round fish pool went to Charlie Nash with a dogfish of 62cm. The largest flat fish pool also went to Charlie with a plaice of 27cm. The smallest fish pool went to Glenn Short with a plaice of 20cm.
1st Ben Daniel 460pts, 2nd Malcolm Stote 395pts, 3rd Andy Richmond 201pts, 4th Pete Chamberlain 181pts, 5th Billy King 153pts,
6th Glenn Short 137pts, 7th Charlie Nash 99pts, 8th Chris Ellis 92pts, 9th Paul Watson 57pts and 10th Luke Woodford 55pts.
Boat Competitions
Shallow Boat Competitions for 2021.  Organised by Brian Ansell for further information please contact Brian on 01590-672628.
All competitions are fished on Sundays.
1st, 21st December.  2nd, 24th January. 3rd, 21st February. 4th, 7th March. 5th, 18th April. 6th, 16th May. 7th, 20th June. 8th, 18th July. 9th, 1st August.
10th, 26th September. 11th, 24th October. 14th November {Club Open Competition}. 12th, 28th November. 1st for 2022. 12th December.

Large Boat Competitions for 2021.  Organised by Alec Harmer for further information please contact Alec on 01590-674045.
All competitions are fished on Sunday out from Lymington aboard charter boat Private Venture skippered by Arthur Savage.
1st, 6th December. 2nd, 18th April. 3rd, 2nd May. 4th, 13th June. 5th, 11th July. 6th, 1st August. 7th, 26th September.
8th, 31st October. 9th, 14th November. 1st for 2022, 12th December.

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series Competitions.  Organised by Robin Lane for further information please contact Robin on 07876 471901.
1st, 4th April. 2nd, 8th May. 3rd, 19th June. 4th, 17th July. 5th, 7th August. 6th, 4th September. 7th, 2nd October.

Recreational Charter Boat Fishing Trips.  Organised by Robin Lane for further information please contact Robin on 07876 471901.
Recreational Week-End Trips fished on a Saturday or Sunday.
1st, 9th January. 2nd, 23rd January. 3rd, 20th February.4th, 7th Match. 5th, 24th April. 6th, 16th May. 7th, 27th June.
8th, 10th July. 9th, 15th August. 10th, 9th October.11th, 14th November. 12th, 28th November.
Recreational Mid-Week Trips fished on a Monday to Friday.
1st, 5th February. 2nd, 17th March. 3rd, 28th April. 4th, 26th May. 5th, 9th June. 6th, 21st July. 7th, 11th August. 8th, 17th August.
9th, 15th September. 10th, 20th September. 11th, 29th September. 12th, 26th October. 13th, 10th November. 14th, 8th December.

Evening fishing trips in the Solent.
3 Fishing for cod on "Voyager" out from Lymington Haven meeting at 5.00 till 5.30 p.m. Please contact Robin Lane on 07876 471902.
So book your space early by phoning Robin Lane.
10th Shallow Boat Competition 26th September 2021.
On Sunday 26th September the club held its 10th Shallow Boat competition. The weather was dry and cloudy to start with and then the sun came out but sadly the wind increased as well. Due to the fuel crisis only one boat managed to get fuel and go fishing. All the others had to travel to far for launching etc which used fuel. Fish caught on the day included bass, black bream and dogfish.
Results:  1st Alan Martin 47pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 40pts.
9th Shallow Boat Competition 1st August 2021.
On Sunday 1st August the club held its 9th Shallow Boat competition. The weather on the day was cloudy with some heavy showers, light winds and a choppy sea. Four club members signed on and three caught fish. Which consisted of black bream, dogfish, scad and smoothound.
Results:  1st Colin Wright 34pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 16pts, 3rd Chris Hardy 11pts.
8th Shallow Boat Competition 18th July 2021.
On Sunday four club members held their 8th Shallow Boat Competition. The weather was just great, sunshine from the start and a light breeze all day. Fish caught included dogfish, black bream, bull huss, bass and wrasse. These competitions are now run on a points system where points are awarded for fish and then it is released straight back into the sea.
Results:  1st Derek Smith 75pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 39pts, 3rd Brian Ansell 33pts, 4th Alan Martin 27pts.
5th Shallow Boat Competition 18th April 2021.
On Sunday the club held its first Shallow Boat competition since the lockdown was lifted. Only four club members managed to get out in their boats on this day which was dry, sunny with light winds but a little chilly. Fish caught consisted of dogfish, pouting and whiting.
Results:  1st Adrian Moody 13 fish for 44pts, joint 2nd Barry Littlefair and Dennis Mapes both with 11 fish for 32pts, 4th Alan Martin 10 fish for 25pts.
All fish are returned alive and points awarded.
7th large Boat Competition 26th September 2021.
Nine club members enjoyed a dsay's fishing before the early Autumn gales set in, aboared "Private Venture"skippered by Art Savage. On the way out a brief stop was made near the Shingles to investigate what was attracting a large flock of seagulls to the area. Feathers and lures confirmed mackerel and bass were present. Heading further westwards, the target was late season bream. However their place appeared to have been taken by dogfish. By lunchtime the wind had picked up and with the turn of the tide a move was made to the Needles area for bass, which duly obliged. Junior member William Waterhouse, on his first Large Boat competition, managed a personal best with one of 3lb 3oz. As the tide eased a final move was in search of plaice. Twelve sizeable and several undersized plaice were taken on the drift together with dogfish, scad and mackerel.
Results:  1st Ed Taylor 110pts, 2nd Derek Smith 68pts, 3rd Andrew Foster 50pts, joint 4th Jane Hopkins and Marc Duncan 44pts, 5th Malcolm Gerrish 43pts, 6th William Waterhouse 25pts, 7th Roland Blomfield 23pts and 8th Alec Harmer 14pts.     
6th Large Boat Competition 1st August 2021.
Taking advantage of the neap tide, nine club members headed out to a deep water mark several miles south of the Needles for their August Large Boat competition aboard "Private Venture2 skippered by Art Savage. Little wind and overcast conditions were welcome after the recent hot weather and storms. Several drifts on the way out provided a few mackerel before the anchor was put down. Several small tope soon obliged, plus a bass of around 3lb for Ed Taylor and an undersize turbot for Arran Harmer. A dozen sizeable black bream were also boated in what was a slow but steady session. With the tide slackening right off a move was made to an inshore mark in search of plaice, with all members catching, in particular, the club's president Derek Smith managed seven sizeable fish. Club chairman Alec Harmer matched his son's turbot with another undersized one. Other fish caught on the day included gurnard, dogfish and pouting.
Results:  1st Ed Taylor 92pts, 2nd Paul Hollyoake 86pts, 3rd Marc Duncan 63pts, 4th Jane Hopkins 60pts, 5th Derek Smith 57pts, 6th Malcolm Gerrish 51pts, 7th Arran Harmer 48pts, 8th Alec Harmer 30pts and 9th Roland Blomfield 15pts.
5th Large Boat Competition 11th July 2021.
For their July monthly Large Boat competition eight club members headed to a mark south of the Needles aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage. With plenty of cloud cover and light winds it was ideal fishing conditions. First stop produced a few mackerel and then a movie to a mark further out produced plenty of pout for everyone, plus several black bream to nearly 3lb. Other fish included undulate ray, pollack and tope. After slack water the rest of the day was spent targeting place, both on the drift and at anchor. In addition to plaice, dogfish and black bream also put in an appearance. Other species caught during the day included conger, tub gurnard and scad.
Results:  1st Alec Harmer 106pts, 2nd Arran Harmer 95pts, 3rd Malcolm Gerrish 95pts (less fish), 4th Jane Hopkins 83pts, 5th Marc Duncan 55pts,
6th Roland Blomfield 50pts, 7th Derek Smith 50pts (less fish), 8th Andrew Foster 34pts.
4th Large Boats 13th June 2021.
Seven club members headed out into Christchurch Bay for their June competition aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage, on one of the hottest days of the year so far. With strongish tides, the decision was made to fish various inshore marks, either drifting or at anchor. Fishing proved to be steady throughout the session, although a lot of the fish were frustratingly undersized. Species caught were black bream, conger eel, dab, dogfish, grey and tub gurnard, mackerel, plaice and undulate ray.
Results:  1st Ed Taylor 97pts, 2nd Malcolm Gerrish 86pts, 3rd Arran Harmer 85pts, 4th Derek Smith 72pts, 5th Alec Harmer 64pts, 6th Andrew Foster 46pts, 7th Roland Blomfield 21pts.

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Competition Results
Match Boats Report for 2021.
The evening started with a persentation of a framed photograph of Vernon Everitt, who sadly lost his fight to cancer earlier this year. Vernon was the inspiration for starting the L&D.S.F.C. Bait Supplied Match League on his charter boat South Today. This has now successfully expanded to a three-boat match league, with twenty regular anglers fishing the series. The league would not be at this point without Vernon's support.
Well, what a year 2021 has been. A second year of restrictions due to Covid. I don't think it takes a lot to realise the importance of being part of an amazing club, to ensure great comradeship and mental health. Certainly, we are fortunate to have a great group of anglers in the Match Boat section who enjoy what we all do best. That is catching fish and having friendly banter, while improving our angling skills.
I would like to say a big thank you to Tom Bagnall from Christchurch Angling Centre for sponsoring the series and supplying the bait packs for another year. The series would not be possible without his support. A big thank you also to Robin Lane who ensured we have enough boats for the series. Robin's enthusiasm to ensure this series is maintained is second to none. Thank you also Alison and Richard Day for another amazing job this year processing all the results.
Six matches were fished between three ports, Weymouth, Lymington and Poole. A total of 3287 fish were caught over six matches, with forty species being landed. Everyone was a winner in this series as the standard of angling is second to none as we all learn together supporting each other.
Congratulations to this year's winner John bellamy for topping the table with 468%, then Paul Hollyoake in second place with 456%, closely followed by Ed Taylor with 454% for third. John certainly had the bitt between his teeth this year and fished a wonderful series.
Two records were broken this year, with Richard Day scoring an amazing 537 points during the last match from Weymouth, and Ed Taylor also breaking the most soecies caught on the same day with a total of 18 species.
The Species League optional pool was a very close-run competition, with John Bellamy winning with 30 species, closely followed by Chris Rogers and Ed Taylor with 29 species for second. Ben Daniel, Richard Day and Malcolm Stote came third with 28 species. A big well done to everyone who fished this series. Roll on 2022.
We are now booking boats for the 2022 series, so if you are interested, please book your place now.
Telephone Robin Lane 07876 471901 or Ed Taylor 07711 378984.

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League 2nd October.
This was the last match to determine who will win the Vernon Everitt Match Boat Series. The last of six matches was held at Weymouth where 18 club members boarded two charter boats, Supanova skippered by Lyle Stantiford and Aries skippered by Steve West. Weather conditions were not at all good with a strong south-westerly wind force 5 to 6 going on to 7. Before leaving port, we decided to prepare all the bait needed for the day which was mackerel, squid and ragworm. Heading into rough seas we both left for Portland Harbour. In the shelter of the outer harbour mackerel, pollack, herring, pouting, wrasse and gurnard were caught. Then the boats parted company and headed out into the rough seas. During the six hours both boats moved a number of times which resulted in a high number of species being recorded. Supanova totaled 24 while Aries total was 19. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to what individuals caught. On Supernova 1st Richard Day 16 species 587pts, 2nd Ed Taylor 17 species 512pts, 3rd Paul Hollyoake 506pts. On Aries 1st Martin Bobbett 12 species 359pts, 2nd Robin Lane 353pts, 3rd Andy Southwick 11 species 341pts.
Overall winner of The Match Boat League was John Bellamy with 468.67%.

Week-End Recreational Fishing Trip 14th November.
8 club members boarded Voyager at Lymington Marina and headed out to a mark in Freshwater Bay where Kevin dropped anchor. As there was a northerly wind blowing, we were hoping the Isle of Wight would give us some shelter. After an hour or so all we had were conger eels, pouting and dogfish. Then Kevin moved to a mark called The Spoils but this was also quit with more congers and small whiting. So, a decision had to be made to try The Solent for that elusive fish the COD or go out to the 3-mile mark. When we dropped anchor at the 3-mile mark we were into fish straight away, with conger eels, smoothhounds, thornback rays, pouting, tope and dogfish caught. Notable fish caught included Nelson Phillips a tope of 24lbs 8oz, and Robin Lane a thornback ray 6lb 7oz and a Pouting weighing 1lb 9oz.

Mid-Week Recreational Fishing Trip 10th November.
Six club members boarded Mistrerss Linda at Poole Quay and we headed out to a six-mile mark with high hopes of a good day's fishing especially with weather conditions perfect, no wind and a flat calm sea. Well, it didn't take us long to release that a mark which a few days ago was fishing well with some good size whiting, today produced no whiting at all. So, what was caught? Conger eels, dogfish, small eyed rays and just very small whiting. But at the end Mark Boldick had a nice brill 2lb 2oz and Robin Lane a red gurnard of 1lb.

Week-end Recreational Fishing Trip 9th October 2021.
On Saturday 9th October the club held a recreational fishing trip aboard Last Laugh skippered by John Skeggs out from Lymington. With good weather forecast 8 club members boarded with high expectations after previous bass trips had fished well. After leaving Lymington Haven Marina we headed for Freshwater Bay hoping to catch bait fish for the day's fishing. With his bait tanks full John headed for one of his marks which with the high tides he knew would fish well. On the first drift over the mark John had guessed correctly as bass started coming aboard the first one being caught by Cliff Williams weighing 6lb 8oz. Some 20 bass were caught and returned. The best fish of the day was caught by junior member 12 years old Tom Harker, who fishing with his dad Brett Harker had a life time best bass of 13lbs 1oz which was then released.

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