2nd Adult Win-Sum League Competition 2022.
On Wednesday evening 27th April the club held its 2nd Adult Win-Sum League competition and it was held at Southbourne. 14 club members signed on and 3 blanked but the fishing was very slow indeed.
Zone 1.  1st pete Chamberlain 36pts, 2nd Bruce Samber 32pts, 3rd Paul Watson 30pts, 4th Shane Samber 28pts, 5th Marc Duncan 26pts,
Andy Richmond and Malcolm Stote both blanked.
Zone 2.  1st Glenn Short 50pts, 2ndAndy Hopkins 49pts, 3rd John Tharme 46pts, 4th Ollie Hopkins 29pts, 5th Luke Woodford 28pts,
6th Colin Saunders 20pts. Garry Mann blanked.
Pool Results:  Longest round fish was a bass of 27cm caught by Bruce Samber.  Longest flat fish was a plaice of 31cm caught by Pete Chamberlain.  Shortest fish was a plaice of 15cm caught by Colin Saunders.
Team Results:  1st team 5 Pete Chamberlain and Andy Hopkins with 75pts, 2nd team 6 Shane Samber and John Tharme with 64 pts,
3rd team 8 Glenn Short and Ben Daniel with 45pts, and team 3 Ollie Hopkins and Marc Duncan with 45pts,  5th team 1 Colin Saunders and Bruce Samber with 42pts, 6th team 4 Paul Watson and Garry Mann with 25pts, 7th Luke Woodford and Chris Ellis with 23pts.

1st Win-Sum League Competition 2022.
On Wednesday evening 2nd march the club held its 1st Win-Sum League competition (measure and return) in which 13 club members fished in fair weather conditions. Fish caught included pouting, smooth hounds, dogfish and small eyed and undulated rays. Notable catch of the evening was an undulate ray weighing 10lbs 10ozs caught by Ben Daniel. The longest round fish was an undulate ray of 90cm caught by7 Ben Daniel. Longest flat fish none were caught. Smallest fish was a whiting of 14cm caught by Ben Daniel.
Zone 1. 

1st Garry Mann 151 pts, 2nd Andy Hopkins 128 pts, 3rd Colin Saunders 100 pts (4 fish), 4th Paul Watson (2 fish), 5th Bruce Samber 80 pts,
6th Pete Chamberlain 67 pts, 7th Marc Duncan 45 pts.
Zone 2. 
1st Luke Woodford 426 pts, 2nd Chris Ellis 398 pts, 3rd Shane Samber 315 pts, 4th Ben Daniel 245 pts, 5th Johnny Tharme 223 pts,
6th Ollie Hopkins 219 pts.
Two Man Team Results:
1st Luke & Chris 784 pts, 2nd Shane & Johnny 513 pts, 3rd Ollie & Marc 254 pts, 4th Paul & Garry 236 pts, 5th Glenn & Ben 230 pts,
6th Pete & Andy 185 pts, 7th Colin & Bruce 165 pts, 8th Andy R & Malcolm did not fish.