Win-Sum League Competition Results

3rd Adult Win-Sum League Competition 8th July 2021.
On Thursday evening 8th July eleven club members fished their 3rd Adult Win-Sum League competition the Lymington Sea Wall. The weather for the evening was dry and fine with species caught included bass, eels and gilthead bream The longest round fish went to Paul Watson with a bass of 52cm. The smallest fish of the evening went to Glenn short with a bass of 11cm. No flat fish were caught.
1st Chris Ellis 22 fish 527pts, 2nd Ben Daniel 21 fish 453pts, 3rd Paul Watson 13 fish 339pts, 4th Billy King 14 fish 318pts,
5th Malcolm Stote 14 fish 307pts, 6th Glenn Short 12 fish 270pts, 7th Andy Richmond 9 fish 207pts, 8th Pete Chamberlain 9 fish 181pts,
9th Colin Saunders 6 fish 153pts and 10th Charlie Nash 4 fish 108pts.
2nd Adult Win-Sum League Competition 23rd June 2021.
On Wednesday evening 23rd June eight club members held the 2nd Adult Win-Sum League competition at Highcliffe. In breezy conditions species caught included whiting, smooth hound, sole, dogfish, black bream, mackerel, bass, pouting and flounder. The longest round fish went to Paul Watson with a dogfish of 58cm. The longest flat fish was won by Ben Daniel with a sole of 18cm. The smallest fish of the evening went to Pete Chamberlain with a whiting of 9cm.
1st Ben Daniel 4 fish 147pts, 2nd Glenn Short 3 fish 119pts, 3rd Pete Chamberlain 3 fish 82pts, 4th Billy King 2 fish 77pts, 5th Chris Ellis 2 fish 75pts, 6th Paul Watson 1 fish 63pts, 7th Colin Saunders and Malcolm Stote 2 fish 49pts.
1st Adult Win-Sum League Competition 12th May 2021.
On Wednesday evening the 12th May the club held its 1st Adult Win-Sum League competition, the venue being Southbourne. The weather was dry and breezy and eleven club members signed on. Ten found the fish which consisted of plaice, brill, bass, sole, smooth hound and dogfish. All fish are measured straight away and gently returned to the sea.
The largest round fish pool went to Charlie Nash with a dogfish of 62cm. The largest flat fish pool also went to Charlie with a plaice of 27cm. The smallest fish pool went to Glenn Short with a plaice of 20cm.
1st Ben Daniel 460pts, 2nd Malcolm Stote 395pts, 3rd Andy Richmond 201pts, 4th Pete Chamberlain 181pts, 5th Billy King 153pts,
6th Glenn Short 137pts, 7th Charlie Nash 99pts, 8th Chris Ellis 92pts, 9th Paul Watson 57pts and 10th Luke Woodford 55pts.