1st Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series.
On Saturday 30th April the club ran the 1st Vernon Everitt Match boat league competition for 2022. This is a very popular league within the club. 26 club members signed up to fish these competitions with support from Christchurch Angling Centre who kindly prepare and provide the frozen bait packs.
Three charter boats picked up 21 club members from The Haven Marina at Lymington, "Last Laugh" skippered by John Skeggs, "Devocean" skippered by Kevin Sampson and "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell. With bright sunshine and a light easterly wind all 3 boats left Lymington and went their own way, some heading for the rough ground off Christchurch Ledge and some heading for deep water marks looking for bigger fish. The name of the game is to catch as many species as possible for points (All fish are returned to the sea). And as the day goes on moving to as many marks in the allocated time.
Last Laugh.
1st Martin Bobbett 9 species 263 pts, 2nd Paul Hollyoake 9 species 257 pts, 3rd Roy Evans 8 species 197 pts, 4th Paul Grech 8 species 184 pts.
1st John Bellamy 10 species 267 pts, 2nd Richard Day 7 species 208 pts, 3rd Ben Daniel 6 species 172 pts, 4th Robin Lane 5 species 150 pts.
1st Cliff Newbold 12 species 351 pts, 2nd Ed Taylor 9 species 252 pts, 3rd Chris Rogers 8 species 231 pts, 4th Andy Southwick 6 species 170 pts.
Good Catches.
Richard Day with a black bream weighing 3lb 1oz and Ed Taylor with a plaice weighing 2lb 4oz.