Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Competition Results

Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series 2021.
Nineteen club members have signed up for this year's competitions which started on Sunday 4th April. Eighteen club members boarded three charter boats out of Weymouth. With all boats having to adhere to covid rules the charter boats were Supanova skippered by Lyle Stantiford, Meerkat skippered by Ryan Casey and Sally Anne Joe skippered by Colin Baker. The first of the seven matches started with a big fish day which was to test the anglers' ability to catch species in deep water where weights of up to 2lb were needed to get to the sea bed.
All the boats left the harbour on a bright, dry, calm day and headed to a mark called Kidney Banks were blonde rays can be found. Forty-seven in total were caught, also dogfish and smoothhounds and all the fish were returned.
After a number of hours, the skippers all pulled up anchor and moved to deeper water where bullhuss, spurdog, whiting, tope, conger eels, thornback and spotted rays were caught.
Notable fish that were caught:
Martin Bobbett a smoothhound 14lbs 8oz, Malcolm Stote a blonde ray 15lbs, Cliff Newbold a blonde ray14lbs, Robin Lane a blonde ray 15lbs 8oz, Robin Lane a bullhuss of 7lb and John Bellamy also a bullhuss estimated to be 12lbs+
Results: Places per boat.
Supanova.  1st Paul Hollyoake 6 species 237pts, 2nd Ed Taylor 7 species 205pts, 3rd Martin Bobbett 6 species169pts, 4th Chris Rogers 4 species 145pts, 5th Andy Southwick 4 species 85pts, 6th Mark Boldick 4 species 65pts.
Meerkat.  1st John Bellamy 7 species 276pts, 2nd Chris Ellis 6 species 175pts, 3rd Ben Daniel 4 species 135pts, 4th Garth Smith 5 species 125pts, 5th Karl Bates 3 species 70pts, 6th Paul Wilson 2 species 40pts.
Sally Anne Joe.  1st Rod Giles 8 species 220pts, 2nd Malcolm Stote 6 species 201pts, 3rd Cliff Newbold 7 species 195pts, 4th Mat Osbourne {Guest} 4 species 185pts, 5th Robin Lane 5 species 150pts, 6th Richard Day 3 species 140pts.
Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series 2021 19th June.
On Saturday 19th June sixteen club members boarded three charter boats in Poole which were "Mistress Linda", "Blue Duo" and "Shella's Promise". The three charter boats headed out of Poole Harbour into Poole Bay looking for marks to fish either by dropping anchor or drift fishing so the anglers could catch as many different species as possible in the allotted time. With light winds and dry conditions twenty-three different species were caught with each species being awarded different points. Ben Daniel was the overall winner with fifteen species and 464pts. Ben also had the heaviest fish an undulate ray of 15lbs 8oz.
Results by Boat:
Shella's Promise. 1st Paul Hollyoake 11 species 341pts, 2nd Ed Taylor 12 species 332pts, 3rd Rod Giles 8 species 231pts, 4th Garth Smith 9 species 185pts, 5th Karl Bates 7 species 155pts.
Blue Duo. 1st John Bellarmy 14species 437pts. 2nd Chri Rogers 14 species 425pts, 3rd Malcolm Stote 11 species 339pts, 4th Malcolm Gerrish 10 species 255pts, 5th Andy Southwick 7 species 171pts.
Mistress Linda.  1st Ben Daniel 15 species 464pts, 2nd Chris Ellis 12 species 426pts, 3rd Robin Lane 11 species 334pts, 4th Richard Day 12 species 330pts, 5th Mark Boldick 7 species 190pts, 6th Paul Wilson 6 species 157pts.