the latest club news 

the latest club news 
To all Club Members.
If all goes to plan, it's hope to start the competitions running again from the 1st April. So please start getting your gear up and ready.  I will keep all members informed as we get near to the Date. 

Thank you Brian

Bass fishing measures for 2021.   6-2-2021.
      The government rolled over the 2020 bass fishing measures into 2021 as we waited an outcome from the EU-UK partnership agreement; the annual negotiations between the UK and EU couldn't take place until the outcome of the agreement was reached. This means in 2021 recreational anglers are required to release any bass caught in January and February and will be limited to a bag of two bass per day, of at least 42cm in length, from March until November 2021.
      However, this may be amended in spring 2021 to take into account any changes and adjustments after annual fishing negotiations are carried out with the EU in the coming weeks.  The Angling Trust will keep you updated of any changes over the course of 2021.