Shore Competition Results

1st Shore Competition.
On Sunday 13th December the club held its 1st shore competition for the 2021 season which was a Christmas Rover. The weather was not at its best with heavy showers and a strong southerly wind. Four club members braved the conditions and had a good evening fish wise. 16 fish were caught and weighed for a total weight of 20lbs 2-4oz. These consisted of whiting and bass. All the fish once weighed were gently returned to the sea. Best round fish of the evening was a bass of 4lb 14oz caught by Paul Watson. The flat fish pool is a rollover of £15-00 and the best specimen pool of £4-00 is also a rollover till the next competition.
1st Paul Watson (3 fish)9lb 10oz, 2nd Terry Kempton (3 fish) 6lb 14oz, 3rd Roland Blomfield (8 fish) 2lb 13-4oz, 4th Andy Richmond (2 fish) 0lb 13oz.
5th Shore Competition 24th April 2021.  
On Sunday 24th April the club held its 5th Shore Competition which was a rover. The weather for the competition was dry and sunny but with a strong north-east wind. Seven club members signed on including one junior. Only one member managed to catch any fish and that was Roland Blomfield with three sole for a total weight of 1lb 8.6oz. The heaviest one was 9oz which won Roland the best flat fish pool.
The best round fish pool of £7-00 and the best specimen fish pool of £11-00 are both rollovers until the next competition.