Shingle Bank League Competition Results

Shingle Bank League Competition 8th December 2020.
On Tuesday evening 8th December the club held its 1st Shingle Bank League competition and the weather was cold with a south westerly breeze. 14 club members signed in and 12 weighed fish consisting of pouting, whiting, dogfish and conger eels. The best fish of the evening was a dogfish weighing in at 1lb 12-2oz caught by Pete Chamberlain. Only edible fish are retained. All other fish are gently returned to the sea after weighing.
1st Pete Chamberlain (6 fish) 6lb 14-4oz, 2nd Andy Richmond (6 fish) 6lb 8-4oz, 3rd Tom Bagnall (5 fish) 6lb 5oz, 4th Malcolm Stote (5 fish) 5lb 0-8oz, 5th Roland Blomfield (4 fish) 4lb 8-2oz, 6th Steve Pitman (4 fish) 3lb 12-8oz, 7th Paul Dibden (3 fish) 3lb 11-8oz, 8th Tony Power (2 fish) 2lb 12-6oz,
9th Andy Hopkins (3 fish) 1lb 11-8oz, 10th Paul Watson (1 fish) 1lb 3-4oz. 
Shingle Bank League Competition 6th April 2021.
On Tuesday evening the 6th April the club held its 1st Shingle Bank League competition since lockdown was lifted. The weather for the evening was dry and very cold -5 with a light north-west wind and a calm sea. Twenty-one seniors and two juniors signed on, but sadly only four managed to catch fish which consisted of pouting and dogfish. The best fish of the night was a dogfish weighing-in at 1lb 10.2oz caught by Paul Watson. Eight fish were weighed in for a total weight of 6lb 2.4oz. All the fish are gently returned to the sea after weighing.
1st Malcolm Stote 1lb 14oz, 2nd Paul Watson 1lb 10.2oz, 3rd Glen Short 1lb 8.4oz, 4th Sir Tom Bagnall 1lb 1.8oz.
Shingle Bank League Competition 5th May 2021.
On Wednesday evening the club held its 6th Shingle Bank League competition in perfect weather conditions with a light north-west wind, but a big sea swell. Fourteen club members signed on, and thirteen weighed in fish consisting of dogfish, small eyed rays and conger eels. The two best fish of the evening were a small eyed ray weighing in at 5lb 9 1/8oz caught by Ben Daniel and a dogfish 1lb 14 3/8oz caught by Paul Watson.
1st Glen Short 12lbs 2 5/8oz, 2nd Ben Daniel 10lbs 0.5oz, 3rd Malcolm Stote 7lb 14 5/8oz, 4th Danny Panks 7lb 2oz, 5th Chris Ellis 5lb 9 3/4oz,
6th Pete Chamberlain 4lb 14.5oz, 7th Keith Panks 4lb 1oz, 8th Paul Watson 3lb 2.8oz, 9th Roland Blomfield 1lb 9.8oz, 10th William King 1lb 4.2oz.