Shallow Boat Competition.
On Sunday 8th May the club held a shallow Boat competition this was a blow-off date for the competition which was unable to be fished on the 24th April. Unfortunately, not all members could make the date but 2 boats managed to fish on a nice sunny day with a gentle wind. Fish caught included black bream, dogfish, pouting, plaice and wrasse. These competitions are now run on no fish being brought back. Instead points are awarded for different species. Then all the fish are gently returned to the sea straight away.
1st Denis Mapes 16 fish for 75 points, 2nd Barry littlefair 14 fish for 64 points,  3rd Adrian Moody 5 fish for 45 points,  4th Alan Martin 2 fish for 20 points.

2nd Shallow Boat competition.
On Sunday 23rd January the club held its 2nd Shallow Boat competition. The weather on the day was cloudy, dry with light winds but very cold. 6 club members signed on and 4 caught fish consisting of conger eel, dogfish, pouting and whiting. Sadly one boat broke down and had to be towed back to Lymington.
1st Denis Mapes 21 fish 85pts, 2nd Alan Martin 15 fish 71pts, 3rd Adrian Moody 13 fish 70pts, 4th Barry Littlefair 19 fish 69pts.