Shallow Boat Competition Results.

10th Shallow Boat Competition 26th September 2021.
On Sunday 26th September the club held its 10th Shallow Boat competition. The weather was dry and cloudy to start with and then the sun came out but sadly the wind increased as well. Due to the fuel crisis only one boat managed to get fuel and go fishing. All the others had to travel to far for launching etc which used fuel. Fish caught on the day included bass, black bream and dogfish.
Results:  1st Alan Martin 47pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 40pts.
9th Shallow Boat Competition 1st August 2021.
On Sunday 1st August the club held its 9th Shallow Boat competition. The weather on the day was cloudy with some heavy showers, light winds and a choppy sea. Four club members signed on and three caught fish. Which consisted of black bream, dogfish, scad and smoothound.
Results:  1st Colin Wright 34pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 16pts, 3rd Chris Hardy 11pts.
8th Shallow Boat Competition 18th July 2021.
On Sunday four club members held their 8th Shallow Boat Competition. The weather was just great, sunshine from the start and a light breeze all day. Fish caught included dogfish, black bream, bull huss, bass and wrasse. These competitions are now run on a points system where points are awarded for fish and then it is released straight back into the sea.
Results:  1st Derek Smith 75pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 39pts, 3rd Brian Ansell 33pts, 4th Alan Martin 27pts.
5th Shallow Boat Competition 18th April 2021.
On Sunday the club held its first Shallow Boat competition since the lockdown was lifted. Only four club members managed to get out in their boats on this day which was dry, sunny with light winds but a little chilly. Fish caught consisted of dogfish, pouting and whiting.
Results:  1st Adrian Moody 13 fish for 44pts, joint 2nd Barry Littlefair and Dennis Mapes both with 11 fish for 32pts, 4th Alan Martin 10 fish for 25pts.
All fish are returned alive and points awarded.