6th Mid-week Recreational Fishing trip.
On Wednesday 4th May the club held a mid-week fishing trip aboard "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins out from Poole.
8 club members headed out of Poole Harbour with good weather conditions and a light wind headed for Southbourne Rough a good mark for black bream. With the anchor down black bream were soon being caught and one of the first to catch was new member Bob Weston with a nice black bream. A good number were caught before we moved off to try drifting for plaice with very little success just the odd one or two.

5th Mid-week Recreational Fishing Trip.
On Wednesday 20th April the club held its 5th mid-week fishing trip aboard charter boat "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell out of Lymington.
Our target fish was black bream known to come into our area at this time of the year.
So Kevin headed for a known mark Southbourne Rough in Poole Bay. With-in minutes of dropping anchor black bream were being caught with most of them to small for the table and these were gently returned to the sea. But a few sizeable fish were caught with marc Duncan catching one of the best sizes, one of 1lb 12oz.

3rd Recreational Mid-Week Fishing Trip.
On Thursday 24th March the club held its 3rd mid-week fishing trip aboard "Last Laugh" out from Lymington skippered by John Skeggs. With ideal weather conditions, bright sunshine and calm waters, with 9 club members aboard John headed for a mark on the "Shingles" where our target fish plaice were know to be.
It wasn't long before we started having bites and fish coming aboard. Marc Duncan with a small smooth hound which was quickly returned to the sea. This continued with us all returning dogfish, whiting and pouting. Neil Pullman was the first to bring in a plaice followed by Harry Gray and Rob Taylor who also had a small dab. A few more plaice were caught and a number of thornback rays with Rob Taylor catching the best of the day, one weighing 8lb 14oz.