Recreational Charter Boat Trips  Results

Recreational Week-end Fishing Trip 10th July 2021.
On Saturday 10th July eight club members boarded Lymington charter boat " last Laugh" skippered by John Skeggs. With a calm sea and light rain, we headed past Hurst Castle for a mark where bait fish could be caught, which we needed to catch our main farget fish bass. Fishing with feathers until the live bait tank was full, we headed to a mark where the bass should be. Using float gear with live bait on the hook we proceeded to fish waiting for the floats to disappear under the water. It wasn't long before Tom Rutter's float disappeared and the rod bent over with Tom bringing in the first bass weighing 6lb 11 3/4oz. As we were drifting John had to keep going back against the tide to drift the same mark and he did this a number of times through-out the day. A total of 15 bass were caught on the day.
Notable fish caught on the day:
Mark Boldick bass 9lb 12oz, George Dark bass 5lb 4oz, Alan Rutter bass 8lb 8oz and junior member Tom Harker bass 3lb 3 3/4oz.
Recreational Mid-week Boat Trip 9th June 2021.
On Wednesday 9th June six club members held a mid-week recreational fishing trip aboard "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins out of Poole. With weather conditions ideal, little wind and a calm sea we headed out of Poole to a mark called Southbourne Rough. The skipper dropped anchor and soon the target fish, black bream was being caught. As the tide eased skipper Phil suggested we go drifting for plaice on the Dolphin Banks where a number of small plaice were caught. Also, Neil Pullman had a nice tope estimated to weigh around 5lb to 6lb mark. The day was booked to go bass fishing so when the tide started to pick-up, we headed out to a bank Phil knew. Sadly, the wind was picking up which made fishing difficult se we only managed two drifts, with no success. Therefore, we moved back into Poole Bay to a plaice mark where Neil Pullman caughta a plaice of 1lb 12 1/8oz. The last half hour was fished on the High Bank where more black bream, smoothhounds and dogfish were caught and a nice tub gurnard was caught by Steve Pitman.
Recreational Mid-week Boat Trip 26th May 2021.
On Wednesday 26th May six club members held a mid-week recreational fishing trip aboard "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins out from Poole. Phil took us out from Poole Harbour to a mark in Swanage Bay where we spent a number of hours catching over 100 bream with most being returned. Sizes varied between small and up to 2lb in weight. Phil then took us back into Poole Bay where we drifted for plaice, the best by George Dark being around the 2lb mark. Robin Lane had a small turbot which was returned to the sea. Our final stop was a mark called the Half Bank where bream, dogfish, smoothhound and plaice were caught.
Recreational Mid-week Boat Trip 28th April 2021.
On Wednesday 28th April the club held a mid-week recreational fishing trip in which six club members boarded charter boat "Voyager" skippered by Kevin Duell out from Lymington Haven Marina. With the forecast good for the day Kevin headed to a mark called Southbourne Rough where we were hoping to catch bream. As soon as Kevin dropped anchor, we were not disappointed. Bream were being caught weighing between 1lb and1-1/2lb. When the tide slackened, we moved to the Dolphin Bank drifting for plaice. A number were caught with Pete Drodge having five and the best plaice went to Malcolm Gerrish at 1-1/2lb
Recreational Week-end Trip 24th April 2021.  On Saturday 24th April the club held a week-end fishing trip aboard Voyager out from Lymington skippered by Kevin Duell.  The weather was not good with a force 4 -6 easterly wind, but we managed to fish the North Head buoy area.  As the weather conditions got more uncomfortable, we moved closer in shore to fish for plaice, but sadly no luck so moved off Taddiford and still no plaice.  Skipper Kevin was very helpful all day and fish caught included thornback rays, smoothhounds, dogfish and turbot.
Results: Tom Rutter 2 thornback rays 13lbs and 5lb plus 2 smoothhounds and 4 dogfish. Alan Rutter 1 smoothhound 5lb 8oz plus 1 dogfish. Mark Boldick a turbot 3lb 4oz. Nelson Phillips 1 dogfish. Harry Gray 1 dogfish. Karl Bates sadly blanked.