Recreational Charter Boat Trips  Results

Week-end Recreational Fishing Trip 9th October 2021.
On Saturday 9th October the club held a recreational fishing trip aboard Last Laugh skippered by John Skeggs out from Lymington. With good weather forecast 8 club members boarded with high expectations after previous bass trips had fished well. After leaving Lymington Haven Marina we headed for Freshwater Bay hoping to catch bait fish for the day's fishing. With his bait tanks full John headed for one of his marks which with the high tides he knew would fish well. On the first drift over the mark John had guessed correctly as bass started coming aboard the first one being caught by Cliff Williams weighing 6lb 8oz. Some 20 bass were caught and returned. The best fish of the day was caught by junior member 12 years old Tom Harker, who fishing with his dad Brett Harker had a life time best bass of 13lbs 1oz which was then released.

Mid-week Recreational Fishing Trip 20th September2021.   
On Monday 20th September the club held a recreational fishing trip out fromWeymouth aboard charter boat Supanova skippered by Lyle Stantiford. Weather on the day was dry with a light northly breeze. Skipper Lyle phoned Robin the day before telling him that mackerel were few and far between so he advised all 9 club members to bring enough bait of their own which included squid, prawns and ragworms. The main target fish for the day was big bream. We started getting small bream up to 2lb and this went on for 2 hours to 3 hours. Then we said enough is enough so we went mackerel fishing on a mark called "The Stink Pipe". Arriving at this mark feathers were dropped and mackerel started being caught.
We thenwent to our next mark hoping to catch big bream. But with the wind and tide working against us little was caught. The skipper said then that a few nice turbot and brill had been caught just off the Bill. So with fresh mackerel we started our first drift and the rule is when fishing for these species you let the fish take the bait and do not strike just let out line so they are well hooked. Harry Gray did just this and after a while started to reel in with difficulty. After a short time Lyle jumped into action picking up the net because Harry had just hooked into a monster brill weighing 7lb 5 7/8oz. A good day's fishing for all especially for Harry!!!

Mid-week Recreational Fishing Trip 17th August 2021.
On Tuesday six members of the club held a mid-week recreational fishing trip out from Poole aboard "Mistress Linda" skippered by Phil Higgins. The original plan was to go out to a ten-mile mark and fish for rays and tope. But weather conditions would not allow this so we stayed around Poole going to a mark called The Half Bank. When Phil dropped anchor, some small smooth hounds were caught plus a sizeable brill of 11 3/4oz caught by Rod Taylor.
We moved around Poole Bay trying a number of marks with very little to show. Phil then headed back into Poole Harbour looking for plaice and gilthead bream. Mark Boldick managed a plaice and Andy Hopkins managed to find a rare fish these days a flounder of 14 1/8oz but no gilthead bream.

Week-end Recreational Fishing Trip 15th August 2021.
On Sunday 15th August seven club members arrived in Weymouth to board charter boat "Supanova" skippered by Lyle Stantiford. The plan for the day was to target big black bream although weather conditions were not good with a strong westerly wind and rain a big possibility.
On leaving harbour Lyle said as we have the last of the ebb tide it will be rough but would soon flood and the sea will flatten. So, moving towards Portland Bill we tried for mackerel and then moved on to the Shambles where plenty of medium size black bream were caught around a pound to two pound in weight.
When the flood tide started Lyle headed around the Bill going west to find a certain wreck where big black bream was known to be. We dropped anchor and started fishing, some using big baits and some using very small baits for the bream. It wasn't long before conger eels were coming aboard and then the bream. Malcolm Stote caught a number of black bream of the 3lb plus mark, he also had a double shot with the biggest weighing 3lb 8 1/8oz. Robin Lane had the best bream of the day weighing 4lb 5oz. Robin also had a nice pollack of 11lbs 6oz caught on a bream rig. All in all a good day all round.