Large Boat Competition Results

7th large Boat Competition 26th September 2021.
Nine club members enjoyed a dsay's fishing before the early Autumn gales set in, aboared "Private Venture"skippered by Art Savage. On the way out a brief stop was made near the Shingles to investigate what was attracting a large flock of seagulls to the area. Feathers and lures confirmed mackerel and bass were present. Heading further westwards, the target was late season bream. However their place appeared to have been taken by dogfish. By lunchtime the wind had picked up and with the turn of the tide a move was made to the Needles area for bass, which duly obliged. Junior member William Waterhouse, on his first Large Boat competition, managed a personal best with one of 3lb 3oz. As the tide eased a final move was in search of plaice. Twelve sizeable and several undersized plaice were taken on the drift together with dogfish, scad and mackerel.
Results:  1st Ed Taylor 110pts, 2nd Derek Smith 68pts, 3rd Andrew Foster 50pts, joint 4th Jane Hopkins and Marc Duncan 44pts, 5th Malcolm Gerrish 43pts, 6th William Waterhouse 25pts, 7th Roland Blomfield 23pts and 8th Alec Harmer 14pts.     
6th Large Boat Competition 1st August 2021.
Taking advantage of the neap tide, nine club members headed out to a deep water mark several miles south of the Needles for their August Large Boat competition aboard "Private Venture2 skippered by Art Savage. Little wind and overcast conditions were welcome after the recent hot weather and storms. Several drifts on the way out provided a few mackerel before the anchor was put down. Several small tope soon obliged, plus a bass of around 3lb for Ed Taylor and an undersize turbot for Arran Harmer. A dozen sizeable black bream were also boated in what was a slow but steady session. With the tide slackening right off a move was made to an inshore mark in search of plaice, with all members catching, in particular, the club's president Derek Smith managed seven sizeable fish. Club chairman Alec Harmer matched his son's turbot with another undersized one. Other fish caught on the day included gurnard, dogfish and pouting.
Results:  1st Ed Taylor 92pts, 2nd Paul Hollyoake 86pts, 3rd Marc Duncan 63pts, 4th Jane Hopkins 60pts, 5th Derek Smith 57pts, 6th Malcolm Gerrish 51pts, 7th Arran Harmer 48pts, 8th Alec Harmer 30pts and 9th Roland Blomfield 15pts.
5th Large Boat Competition 11th July 2021.
For their July monthly Large Boat competition eight club members headed to a mark south of the Needles aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage. With plenty of cloud cover and light winds it was ideal fishing conditions. First stop produced a few mackerel and then a movie to a mark further out produced plenty of pout for everyone, plus several black bream to nearly 3lb. Other fish included undulate ray, pollack and tope. After slack water the rest of the day was spent targeting place, both on the drift and at anchor. In addition to plaice, dogfish and black bream also put in an appearance. Other species caught during the day included conger, tub gurnard and scad.
Results:  1st Alec Harmer 106pts, 2nd Arran Harmer 95pts, 3rd Malcolm Gerrish 95pts (less fish), 4th Jane Hopkins 83pts, 5th Marc Duncan 55pts,
6th Roland Blomfield 50pts, 7th Derek Smith 50pts (less fish), 8th Andrew Foster 34pts.
4th Large Boats 13th June 2021.
Seven club members headed out into Christchurch Bay for their June competition aboard "Private Venture" skippered by Art Savage, on one of the hottest days of the year so far. With strongish tides, the decision was made to fish various inshore marks, either drifting or at anchor. Fishing proved to be steady throughout the session, although a lot of the fish were frustratingly undersized. Species caught were black bream, conger eel, dab, dogfish, grey and tub gurnard, mackerel, plaice and undulate ray.
Results:  1st Ed Taylor 97pts, 2nd Malcolm Gerrish 86pts, 3rd Arran Harmer 85pts, 4th Derek Smith 72pts, 5th Alec Harmer 64pts, 6th Andrew Foster 46pts, 7th Roland Blomfield 21pts.