Fish of the Month
Shore:  Adult:  D. J. Flicos with a corkwing wrasse weighing 9 1/2oz.  Boat: Adult: Harry Gray with a brill weighing 7lb 5 7/8oz.  
Junior:  William Waterhouse with a bass weighing 3lb3oz.
Shore club record broken by D. J. Flicos with his corkwing wrasse weighing 9 1/2oz. Shore catch and release record D.J. Flicos corkwing wrasse 9 1/2oz.
Boat club record broken by Harry Gray with his brill weighing 7lb 5 7/8oz.
Shore:  Adult:  Malcolm Stote with a bass weighing 5lb 15oz.  Boat: Adult: Malcolm LeMoignan with a gilthead bream weighing 3lb 4oz.
Club record broken by Malcolm LeMoignan with his gilthead bream of 3lb 4oz.
Shore: Adult:  Roland Blomfield with a sole weighing 1lb 6oz.  Boat: Adult:  Mark Boldick with a bass weighing 9lb 12oz.  
Junior:  Tom Harker with a bass weighing 3lb 3 3/4oz.
Shore: Adult:  Paul Watson with a spotted ray weighing in at 4lb 2oz.  Boat:  Adult:  Ben Daniel with an undulate ray weighing in at 15lbs 8oz.